Book: Blackboard Learn Administration

I have been a Blackboard System Administrator for 8 years, since then there wasn’t a book written by an Administrator. Technical information or Support had been difficult to achieve or maybe you got direct Blackboard support until now! Searching on Internet I found an excellent book about how you can mange and lear all about Blackboard LMS.

Blackboard Book

Blackboard Book

Blackboard Learn Administration was written by Terry Patterson published by Packt Publishing publisher, you will find a very clear language, I mean, natural speak and details in the more specifics subjects, at the same time you’re learning by doing, this means, that you can follow the walkthrough from start to finish.

You will learn from a complete step by step Blackboard installation, passing by courses administration, custom welcome and login page , to setting advanced features like webServices, LTI tools, logs and system reports and

If you are a system administrator  and wants to learn more about advanced issues or you are staring in Blackboard management, this book is an excellent reference. I strongly recommend this book, you can get it at Packt Publishing page


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